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General Office

In a fixed workspace, it is unbeatable: With the concentrated power of the iMac, every office worker can achieve more in less time. For on-the-go use and in flexible, hot-desking offices, the MacBook Pro or MacBook Air are recommended. Why Apple? The answer is simple: the overall cost. Apple products boot up faster, need hardly any network system administration, are supplied with the office software and operating system included, and depreciate more slowly than comparable systems.

Why does it make sense to kit your office out with Apple Hardware? Essentially, the costs are lower. At first glance, Apple products often appear to cost more than comparable hardware from other brand-name manufacturers — but this is not the case when you look a little deeper. If you consider the investment according to the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) model, it looks rather different. This model considers all costs that are incurred throughout the lifecycle of an investment.

Imagine that you are equipping your office with laptops. In this situation, you will incur acquisition costs and you will also need an operating system or a licence for all laptops. On top of that, you will need the necessary office software and an email program. But even that is not all — conventional laptops are demonstrably slower to boot up and the software updates tend to be very time-consuming, wasting valuable working time. If you encounter a problem setting up your network or integrating devices, you must either handle the problem alone or bring in an external specialist at a high price.

With Apple, things are different, as subsequent costs on top of acquisition costs are usually either very low or non-existent. Apple devices come with the iOS 7 or OS X operating systems preinstalled. Even software updates (such as when upgrading from OS X Mountain Lion to OS X Mavericks) are generally free of charge — a clear exception across the entire PC market. What's more, the necessary office software, such as Keynote, Pages, Numbers, Calendar and Apple Mail, is included with the device. Apple devices are proven to start up faster than conventional laptops and PCs, and the updates run faster, too. And in the end, setting up a corporate network and integrating existing Apple devices is child's play — you will almost never need to see an expensive IT specialist.

This is also true of integrating printers into your corporate network. All printers with AirPrint functionality can easily be sent print jobs by Apple devices as soon as they are connected to the corporate network.

The total costs are lower because Apple hardware has a significantly longer lifespan, so you need not waste time looking for solutions to technology problems. The devices are simply switched on in the morning and switched off again in the evening, and IT issues are a thing of the past.

Now is a good time to check for yourself and calculate the total costs to you. Don't forget that Apple devices depreciate much more slowly than conventional PCs and laptops.

Presentations and conferences

Imagine you're dashing off to a meeting to present the latest sales figures. It's easy to display the presentation and graphics on the feather-light iPad Air with Apple Keynote. Apple TV makes conferences dynamic — every participant can transfer their content wirelessly to the projector, and iPhones and MacBooks are also easy to integrate.

In your conference room, everything should run smoothly — at all times! This is not the environment for dealing with technical problems, experimenting with network connections or adjusting cables. Everything must be perfect to present content precisely as you want to and to make important decisions. Apple can help you.

At the heart of your conference room is your Apple TV. It connects to your projector via HDMI cable and to your Apple devices via AirPlay. These connections are very straightforward to set up, and once installed, future presentations and conferences are also sure to run smoothly.

Any employee can participate in meetings with their iPhone, iPad or MacBook — a network cable or VGA cable to the projector is no longer needed. The content being presented is simply retrieved from the corporate network, transferred to the Apple TV via AirPlay and then passed on to the projector. Anything can be displayed, from presentations with Keynote, figures and spreadsheets in Numbers, through to documents via Pages.

The presentation process is completely dynamic. If another colleague has something to present, they can easily take control of the Apple TV device digitally and start their section of the presentation — the hassle of connecting and disconnecting cables is a thing of the past.

Apple's free Keynote presentation software provides the tools to create an excellent presentation from the very first click. Once the presentation is over, you can send a copy of your file directly from the toolbar. This makes networking efficient, both within your organisation and with customers and suppliers.

Working outside of the office

When working outside of the office, the iPhone, iPad and iPad mini are indispensable partners to complete your everyday tasks. When visiting customers, all data is available from iCloud in just a few clicks.
Meetings can be planned and synchronised conveniently using Apple Calendar. Presentations can even be delivered via Apple Keynote with impressive results, especially with the small and handy PicoPix pocket projector.

When working at a customer's site, two things are absolutely essential:
  1. Having important information to hand quickly, reliably and in full
  2. Being able to give a clear presentation

This is where the advantages of Apple equipment come into their own, right from the stage of planning the customer visits. A significant advantage of Apple technology is that the devices synchronise easily with each other. Imagine calling the customer with your iPhone and being able to enter your next meeting in Calendar at the same time. Alternatively, you could enter the meeting at your fixed workspace on your MacBook Pro, and the appointment will be automatically synchronised to all of your Apple devices. This means you have an overview of your appointments available at all times.

When visiting a customer, you can travel light and don't need much more than your iPhone or iPad. If you know that a little more computing power is required, e.g. for complex spreadsheets or graphics, a MacBook Air may also be useful. With iCloud, you have online access to all of the documents you might want to present to customers. No matter whether you need images, spreadsheets, PDFs or even videos, you can retrieve all types of document at your customer's site if they are stored in iCloud, allowing you to save valuable time. Customer visits can be planned, prepared and organised more quickly.

Not every customer has a projector available, so make your life easier and take a Philips PicoPix projector with you. These projectors are barely larger than a cigarette packet and weigh approx. 250 grams. This means that you can present to customers right away without needing to rely on the technology they have on-site. With high resolution and luminosity, these compact masterpieces impress with every presentation — just make sure that you have the right cable in advance.

Now simply start Keynote and deliver a successful presentation to your customers — that's all there is to it!


The iPhone and iPad will make any tradesperson a pro. With Apple Calendar to plan and synchronise assignments, tradespeople can quickly reach their colleagues and customers at any time and in any place. Spare parts lists are also available online at any time via iCloud, so tradespeople can advise their customers quickly and easily, and even show examples on their iPad.

For tradespeople, good tools are everything, and tools that make life and work easier are becoming increasingly important too. The iPhone and iPad clearly belong to this category.

The benefits are considerable, both for you and your customers. Apple iPhone and iPad allow you to communicate more efficiently with customers across the board. The simplicity begins with the planning of customer appointments. These appointments can be entered into Calendar from your headquarters, complete with all of the customer's contact information. With automatic synchronisation, you are always up-to-date on your iPhone or iPad. Another positive effect is that you can always be reached too.

Even when you are visiting a customer, you can access spare parts lists and inventories on iCloud. With data from iCloud, you always have access to the latest information and can speak confidently and reliably with your customers on subjects such as availability and delivery times. Quotes and cost estimates can be created quickly with Numbers and sent in real time to the customer by email.

The iPad can also be a source of inspiration. For example, you could take pictures of the current situation at a customer's site and incorporate your proposed solution. You could also use these pictures to form the basis for sketches or floor plans. Your creativity will impress the customer and they will be able to opt for your services more easily, without needing much power of imagination.

And if you are a tradesperson and need a solution for cashing up with the customer on-site, have a look at our "Retail" solution with SumUp.

Your iPad or iPhone paired with a card reader are all you need to create a complete, cashless point-of-sale system that you can even use on the go in your outlet, e.g. for processing payments directly at the customer's table.

The fees are unbelievably low — just 0.95% of the sale for payments made with an electronic cash card and 2.75% for payments made with a Mastercard or Visa. No other fixed costs apply.


Shopping in-store: Sales staff have nothing but an iPad or an iPhone. With these products alone, the sales staff can advise customers, take orders and they have all of the product information in the palm of their hand. Sales staff can even process payments using the iPad or iPhone. Simply use the iZettle card reader device and collect payments via Visa, Mastercard or electronic cash cards. The main advantage: This system is much more convenient and flexible than a stationary point-of-sale system. The solution for all start-ups and small traders: Apple and iZettle.

Almost any business concept involving direct contact with customers is conceivable, be it a café, a boutique, a snack bar or a workshop. You have it all figured out — the idea, the location, the fittings and the motivation. Now you just need to sell your fantastic products to loads of customers. But how do you plan to process payments? These days, many customers prefer to pay without cash, using credit cards or electronic cash cards instead. A point-of-sale system is expensive, and credit card companies collect high commission and leasing fees on terminals.

The solution is the iZettle for Apple devices. You just need an iPhone or iPad with 3G. Here's how to use the system in four steps:

  1. You need an iZettle card reader and an Apple iOS device
  2. Download the iZettle app to your device
  3. Create an iZettle account and register your business
  4. Now start doing some great business!

You can now use your iOS device to accept payments from customers. Simply connect the SumUp card reader to your Apple device, enter the price of the purchased product into the iPad or iPhone, insert the client's credit card into the card reader and ask the customer to confirm the payment with their signature. The iZettle app offers even more possibilities: You can pre-define menus, save images of products, offer services and more.

In other words, your iPad or iPhone paired with your iZettle card reader are all you need to create a complete, cashless point-of-sale system that you can even use on the go in your outlet, e.g. for processing payments directly at the customer's table.

The fees are unbelievably low — just 0.95% of the sale for payments made with an electronic cash card and 2.75% for payments made with a Mastercard or Visa. No other fixed costs apply.

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