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Strengthen your WiFi Signal

Struggling with weak WiFi signal or bad coverage in your office or at home? You should maybe consider investing in a more powerful Router or a WiFi Extender. There are different possibilities to improve your WiFi signal and coverage:


Powerline Adapters

A Powerline Adapter extends the internet through the socket. It gives the possibility to create a new hotspot in your office or at home. You simply plug in one adapter next to your router and connect them and install the second adapter in the room you want the hotspot to be.

Powerline Adapter advantages:

  • Hassle free, simply use your power circuit to extend your network
  • You can connect several devices if you chose an Adapter with more than one outlet and a socket

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WLAN Repeater

WLAN Repeaters

A WiFi Repeater extends the range of your WiFi signal and coverage. Some speed will be lost as the Repeater is constantly receiving the current WiFi data and extending or transmitting it simultaneously. Finding the right spot for your WiFi Repeater is crucial to make it work properly. If you would like to extend your WiFi on different floors or outside a repeater is just what you need.

Repeater advantages:

  • Affordable
  • No need for a direct connection to your router
  • Sufficient to surf in the internet

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Acces Points

Access Points

An Access Point or WAP is often used for WiFi devices such as smartphones, laptops or tablets. By connecting this device onto your router thanks to a network cable, you will be able to simply create a WiFi hotspot anywhere you would like in your office or at home.

Access Point advantages:

  • Strong WiFi signal and transmission
  • Supports HD-Videos
  • Functions regardless the WiFi speed of your router

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