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Become a Viking advertising affiliate and earn money!

How does the affiliate programme work?

The Viking affiliate programme, also known as the Affiliate Marketing Programme, is a unique opportunity for you to earn extra cash. All you need is your own website on which you host our advertising material (such as banners) that links to our Viking site. You receive commission each time someone arrives at our web shop from the link on your website and makes a purchase.

Benefits for affiliates:

Viking is one of the largest and most well-known providers of office supplies, equipment and furniture in Germany. Since 1995, we have been supplying small and medium-size businesses in the industrial, craft and trade sectors, as well as freelance customers and private customers, with office products and services. Why not benefit from Viking's popular, well-known brand yourself? There are lots of attractive advertisement materials available with regularly updated promotions and campaigns. Taking part in the Affiliate Marketing Programme is free and non-binding. Adding our advertisements to your website is easy. Our partner networks take care of the automatic transaction and performance monitoring in a professional and neutral manner. Become a Viking affiliate now and enjoy an attractive commission.

How do I become a Viking advertising affiliate?

Register with one of our affiliate networks listed below and apply to become a Viking affiliate. There you will find our advertising materials, such as banners and text links that you can use on your website. You will find detailed information, tips and help on how to make the most of our affiliate programme on our affiliate network sites.

Our affiliate networks

You can find further details and instructions on each of the network sites, which you can reach by clicking the logos below.

affilinet zanox

Frequently asked questions

  • What is an affiliate?

    An affiliate, also known as a publisher, is a website owner who hosts advertising materials on their website for another online trader or business. The website owner receives payment from the online trader if visitors to the website become customers as a result of clicking on the hosted links.

  • What is an advertiser?

    An advertiser or merchant is an online trader (e.g. business) that makes their advertising materials (banner advertisements, text links etc.) available with the aim of increasing sales in their online shop.

  • How does the Affiliate Marketing Programme work?

    The Affiliate Marketing Programme is based on the principle of a referral fee. Potential customers are "referred" online by the website owner and sent to our website via a link. An affiliate link contains a special code that is used by the trader to uniquely identify the affiliate. In other words, the trader can tell which website the customer was sent from using the special link containing the affiliate ID. The affiliate receives commission for each sale that takes place as a result of a customer clicking on the advertising on their website (banners and text links).

    Using these online cooperation management systems, companies are able to market their products and services through links on affiliate websites. Commission is only paid for actual sales or another measurable achievement.

  • What is the first step to becoming an affiliate?

    After you have had a close look at our affiliate websites and found the right network for you, please register with your preferred affiliate network.

    Please observe the terms of use for your affiliate network. You must agree to these general terms and conditions when you register on the affiliate platform.

  • Will I incur costs?

    You will not incur any costs! Registration and participation are free and non-binding.

  • Can I take part if I have more than one website?

    Yes, you can also take part in the programme if you have multiple websites. Each of your websites is treated as an individual affiliate site. However, please make sure that the customer is assigned only to the last site they visited.

  • How is the fee determined?

    Each time a purchase is made on through a link on your site, you will receive a fee. This fee is paid monthly. You will find more detailed information on fees and payment on the corresponding affiliate network sites.

  • How does tracking work?

    Companies are able to track referrals using cookies that are set when a user clicks on an online advertisement. This makes it possible to match each purchase on to the customer and the website they originated from.

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