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Surge Protection, Timers & Travel Plugs

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  1. brennenstuhl Timer MZ 44 IP 44

    Article Number: 6643899


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In the busy modern world, it is often the smallest things that can get forgotten, but naturally, these are often the things you need the most. We are number one when it comes to office supplies and we really do think of everything you may need from the largest appliances like computers all the way down to the small things like plugs and overvoltage protection. For the busy office, having a good stock of electric accessories such as a spare power strip is always a good idea. Power strips allow for several extra power sockets so you can keep everything plugged in closely together which makes them ideal for behind desks where your computer, phone, printer and other pieces are all sitting together.

Safety items such as overvoltage protection ensure maximum health and safety especially when there are many pieces of electricity with varying voltages running through plugs. Time switches are great if you are slightly forgetful or if you need your electricity to stay on for a specific amount of time and they mean you can manage all your electrical supplies efficiently and safely.

For those who travel frequently, it’s important to check out what type of travel plug you will need. We have some fantastic choices for travel plugs giving you great options.

Never be without office accessories again with our range.