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Extension Cables & Outlet Strips

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You have more than one device to connect to power and you want a safe and reliable way to do this. Our extension cables and outlet strips connect your electrical devices securely, pointing your power in the right direction. Extension cables are a practical solution for home or office use if you have different equipment to connect at the same time. From PCs and printers to televisions and DVD players, there are times when you need all of your devices working in one room. Our extension cables come in a variety of sizes with a number of sockets and for multiple electrical devices, our multi-connector will allow you the flexibility you and your devices need. Whether you need power a few feet away or across the other side of the room, you’ll be connected and with our range of high-quality products. your supply will be safe.

Once you have all of your cables, you need somewhere to keep them. Choose a CableBox to help tidy up loose and tangled cables whether it’s in the office or behind the TV.

Don’t be limited by your sockets choose from our range of extension cables and outlet strips to get all of your machines connected at the same time.

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  1. brennenstuhl Power strip 1159300018

    Article Number: 6360579


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